Blackpool Dungeon: Re-development of the Tower


The Blackpool Dungeon project was part of a site wide redevelopment of the Blackpool Tower.

Due to the nature of the site, there were many issues such as asbestos, but the best thing was the scratch build of the Dungeon and it's show areas.

All worklights in show spaces were integrated into the show controllers so that they could be utilised in emergency conditions and over ridden automatically.

The systems spread throughout the show areas are all linked and control everything including the lifts, that are utilised as part fo the first show right the way through the various show and queue areas, including all animated/mechanical gags and effects, lighting, audio and projection, through the whole attraction into the shop and bar area.

Aswell as the original build, we have helped with on going attraction development including the addition of multi-show areas that site can re-dress to run alternative shows in by simply swapping mp3 files on SD cards.

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