Our Dynamic Earth Rainforest Animals

One of our most realistic projects consisted of four new animals for the Rainforest at Our Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh. We designed, built and installed the complete Control and Audio Visual System along with some additional sequenced lighting. The animals add real interest in the area, keeping visitors occupied for longer before they move on to the next zone. All Animatronics and the sculpture of the animals were completed by Hot Tin Roof, Sculpture Machine and Spirit Sculpture.

A little over 10 years later we were approached to produce new animals for the rainforest, while the exterior of some of the animals was a little tired due to the chemicals in the water treatment system, the animals had lasted well, so the site were happy to engnage us to make new animals, to their delight, we also saved them money; the new Hornbill utilised the mechanism of the original bird made over 10 years earlier.

The new animals were a Crocodile, Chimp, Snake and a different species of Hornbill.

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