Warwick Castle

The Dungeon at Warwick Castle was a complete, start to finish, build and install at this histroic listed building. Working closely with the many contractors and Project team including Farmer Attraction Development, we built and installed all the AV and show control systems for the whole dungeon, from the actor timing signals through to the Talking Monk and Execution system.

We projected specially recorded and processed video footage of an actor giving a backstory onto a mould of his own face to give an impressive 3D image of a talking monk that appeared from nowhere. The shuttered and masked projection with a redundant bulb auto change over was synchronised with the lighting and room effects to achieve highly effective, eerie and immersive start to the dungeon tour with superb realism giving high visability for the whole audience.

We have since produced many projection mapped effects where we are projecting on to sculptures in a variety of lighting environments.

Flow control has also been integrated into the show systems to ensure smooth movement of guests around attractions, maximising guest experience and guest throughput.

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