York Dungeon

The York Dungeon has been slowly developed with our input over many years; all shows, currently in operation, run from our systems.

These systems include flow control of guests, animated/mechanical gags and effects, lighting, audio and projection; all running from our show control racks, some centrally located, some distributed.

As well as new shows and the maintenance at York Dungeon and have helped breath new life (or should it be Death?!) into old shows!

We have been fortunate (or unfortunate?) enough to have worked on the refurbishment of the whole lower floor of York Dungeon following severe floods; although everything had been built to deal with a certain degree of water ingress a particularly bad flood resulted in a complete strip out and the refurbishment and subsequent re-installation of 7 show areas. The site was unlucky enough to suffer the same fate a few years later, but due to good design, the costs for the second refurbishment were far lower and the site was open for business much faster than the first time.

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