Case Studies


Whether you require large distributed multi-channel audio, video and projection systems, an industrial control system to run hydraulics, pneumatics and motor drives, or just a small stand alone audio repeater to sit in a display, we can fulfil your needs.

Our team have produced systems ranging from basic timer circuits to full distributed I/O systems running space flight simulators, with analogue control synchronised to multiple video and audio channels and that was just a small part of the show!

Case Studies

We have worked in many environments, protected buildings; where damaging anything would result in prison time, old trawlers which need bringing to life, refurbishments through to new builds.

We have carried out refurbishment following extensive flooding and works in buildings with asbestos issues, so are used to dealing with difficult conditions and still getting everyhting done on time and in budget.

The locations that we have worked in range from large internationally renown parks to small but still vibrant family owned attractions. Ranging from thrilling and scary walk throughs, to very child friendly interactives.

As well as the AV and Show control systems, we have extensive knowledge of mechanical systems and are often involved in the maintenance and refurbishment as well as the design and build of new interactives, effects and animatronics.

Click here to see some examples of the projects that we have completed.

Kit Build

We will undertake design and build for kit supply, for installation by others

Examples of this include the Legoland California Dragon Voice Changer and the Europools Thunder Effect.

Or if you have a capacity shortage, we will undertake build only for panels and systems to supplied designs no matter how simple or complex.

Immersive Interactive Experience

Key to all of the larger projects we work on is the way that we combine industrial control techniques with AV hardware to create systems that are incredibly flexible in their application.

Our involvement with the design and construction of mechanical elements of shows enables us to get the most out of animations, interactives and special effects at the programming stage, so that we maximise the impact of these items in the show and on the attraction visitor. 

Industrial control systems such as those used in factories provide a reliable and modular base for a system that can be modified easily which is key to jobs where a constant design / build approach is used. Industrial PLCs also give advantages over some cue based systems traditionally used in the entertainment industry.

Our approach to the show as a whole will ensure the longevity and robustness of the system, giving good value both long and short terms.

Point of Sale

Adding some automated movement can be a great way to catch the eye and demonstrate the features of your product.

We used pneumatics to demonstrate all of the functions of the Armster Arm Rest by creating a exhibition model that automatically demonsrates each of the moving parts.